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Alexei Vella  Ontario, Canada

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About Alexei

Alexei Vella specializes in creating images that are both striking and complex, sensual yet undeniably intellectually involving. In order to achieve this unique look, Vella employs a complex color palette, an eclectic application of graphics and texture, and a sophisticated use of antiquated surfaces.

Appropriating the colloquial iconography of popular retro forms to an emboldened modern sensibility, Vella’s work has achieved international recognition appearing in a variety of exhibitions and print.

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"i love this !"

"The problem here is that the work lacks meaning, concept and/or ideas and at the same time is heavy on surface noise and style. It all adds up to work that might excite for a moment but overall is dissatisfying and dull."

"I've also checked out your site, although I am not a big fan of this retro-like print style you have, I do admire your use of the geometric... it's not just boring 2d rectangles, triangles, or any of the other generic geometric shapes from 8th grade geometry but shapes that compliment your work and give it a certain spice, like an idiosyncracy to be appreciated in your work.well done."

"Your work definitely resonates on a level to people, whether they decide that they love it or hate it. Point: you will always get a reaction. Good work."

"I love them both! i would love to put them on my childrens rooms!"

"They look like something off of packages from toys from the fifties. I don't hate it but I certainly am not a fan."

"I love it. It's colorful, modern, yet intricate enough that I can say it took the artist time to create. Those who found it 'tiresome' should go take a nap. Perhaps they had a long day at work or are tired from trying to create works of art that are decent enough to be even worth creating a critique forum for."

"Alexie, in response to your May 17th News write up on your site, if what we are seeing in your work is not already a reflection of your personal demons, I am afraid to learn what else might be inside of you that you are trying to deal with. Looking forward to your next set of work."

"I love sticking my tongue on 9 volt batteries.Also I love people who hide under Anonymous comments, so tactful and mature especially when being so positive."

"I hate anal retentive critics. Get your collective heads out of your asses and stop looking at art through a pseudo-intellectual microscope. Did you like it? No, it gave me heartburn. Or, yes, I found it stimulating. This "I was abandoned as a child is toooo tiresome."

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