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Rachel Freire  London, UK

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About Rachel

Hailing from the wonderful port of Liverpool, being educated in a convent school, then relocating to London via New York City to study at Central Saint Martins is enough to drive anyone of a mildly insane disposition just a little bit more loopy. Holing up on a Motor Torpedo Boat on the Thames was clearly the solution. Coffee and sleep deprivation does not help either, but it does seem to produce some of the interesting and diverse things documented by my work and provides a surprisingly stable and reliable basis for production of the goods.

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"I admire this kind of imagination. Its very musing."

"Thank you, Rachel Freire for clearing up that attribution. I had read the artist say that she paints on other people's photographs. What a shame."

"The images above are respectively credited as Nativity in Gold by photographer Robert Harper (which incidentally is a promotional image published in TimeOut for an event where (gay) compere dusty limits married his three grooms (the girls) in a neo-burlesque cabaret 'wedding'. maybe that would explain his facial expression, or the fact the burlesque performers might be a bit naked!the second image is Ruby's Blues by photographer Hyperion.I am a costumiere and art director, and just wanted to clear this info up as I would hate to take credit for others' work by being misrepresented on a website.Cheers."

"I love the attention to detail."

"I really like this, the way the colors look are wonderful and contrary to the previous comment i think the mans face is perfect. its as though he is looking at a toy or something pleasing. and that goes really great with the whole picture.I also love how everyone's facial expression is different yet the same its cool"

"I like the fact that the girls seem to be painted, but not the man. Perhaps this work represents his fantasy. I don't like his facial expression, though. I think that either a look of passion or extreme apathy would be more appropriate. He looks like a child unsure of what is happening."

"Not my favorite. Kind of ugly acually. Nudiac pictures like THIS are not cool."

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