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Mark Demsteader  Manchester, UK

'Study for Blue Wave'
Oil on canvas
'Shallow Waters'
Oil on canvas

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About Mark

Mark Demsteader was born in 1963 in Manchester, where he still lives and works. He is largely self-taught, having spent many years in life drawing classes, developing a drawing style through close observation of the human form.

He uses pastel and gouache to put down clean and assured lines. Demsteader intends for his models to live and breathe, and for their expression and poise conveying a sense of narrative that invites the viewer to ask questions.

His work has been exhibited worldwide.

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Recommended by our guest curators

Steven Diamant

Owner, Arcadia Gallery

"If any artist wants to learn about creating a "mood" in a painting, look no further than Mark Demsteader's works. His ability to "submerge" the viewer into the emotions of his paintings is astonishing. You don't look at a Demsteader painting... you experience it. His trademark combination of realism and abstraction only go to enhance the emotional content of every painting and drawing that he does. And as much as his technical prowess presents a variety of styles, his images present even more complex display of emotions. His paintings have the ability to elicit a myriad of responses. While some see isolation, others see introspection. While some see hope, others see despair. No two people will walk away from a Demsteader with the same and ideally, isn't that what every artist hopes to achieve?"

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"Thank you all very Much!"

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"How many years of self teaching before I might be able to paint a face that looks like a photo?! I had to do a triple take to see it wasn't a part photo! Can an artist teach themselves or do I take art classes at my age ?!"

"very good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Wonderful atmosphere and rich texture. Beautiful and realistic images balanced by abstract backgrounds. Magnifique!"

"Moody and deep. There's so much more not being said. Fantastic!"

"love it!"

"More than beautiful! Wish I could watch you paint."

"This piece is absolutely stunning. The texture and shadows are so moving. What artistic movement is responsible for the inspiration? Beautiful with such depth! Any chance this is for sale?"

"Has a wonderful touch of the "Old Masters.""

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