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Deandra Lee  Katy, TX

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About Deandra

Deandra at a young age started creating for the sake of her imagination. She didn’t know that down the line she would be creating surreal self-portraits of herself and sharing them with the world. Over the past seven years Deandra has learned more about herself, her craft, and the hard work it takes to pursue ones dreams. Now Deandra is creating artwork that hopefully will help inspire other artist of all forms to create and imagine what’s in their hearts.

Deandra explains her work by saying, “As a photographer I’m always trying to capture and create an image that appeals to both myself and my audience. Creating art shows my creativity and my hard work for what I love to do. My new series ‘New Beginnings’ showcases a new chapter in my life. I want my artwork to express more of new things that I haven’t yet tried, and it reminds me of just how passionate I am about my artwork something that I haven’t felt in a while. Sometimes it can be hard to create and come up with ideas, but as long as I’m willing to get though the hard times and express what I feel in my heart and share it with the world, then I’m truly happy. “.

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