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Mike Worrall  Holgate, NSW, Australia

'The Forgotten Expectation'
Oil on canvas
'A Period Drama'
Oil on canvas

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About Mike

Mike Worall was born in Matlock Derbyshire, UK. He has been painting since the 1960s and is almost entirely self-taught.

Inspired by the likes of Paul Delvaux and Max Ernst, Worall paints with the aim of recovering unconscious ideas.

He is driven by the idea that painting involves a mystery element. Dreams and the idea of a subconscious are chief sources of inspiration.

His work has been exhibited in England and Australia.

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"J'aime beaucoup votre univers. Bravo !"

"A Period Drama reminds me of the old alleys in Philadelphia where the brick buildings from the 18th and early 19th century still stand. It's a subtle yet powerful detail. Nice work."

"very detailed(:"

"I think this is scary but awesome I love the way this art has water in both paintings. When I saw it I said the place is flooded and I look at the other picture ans I said "THEY BOTH HAVE WATER IN THEM!" then I typed this. XD I love the art."

"I love it."

"the colors are it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"very classic.... nice perspective and wonderful 3D dimensions on the sides"

"Very...different.And I like it"

"I love the backgrond. It looks like it goes on forever."

"Great -- really love this."

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