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Fabian Ciraolo  Santiago, Chile


* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About Fabian

Fab Ciraolo finds photographs of pop icons – from Edward Scissorhands and Dorothy to Marilyn Monroe and Salvador Dali – and copies them with a contemporary and fashionable twist.

He changes their outfits and inks them up to include many references to popular culture while keeping a vintage aesthetic with a subdued color palette and conversely psychedelic backgrounds.

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'2012' edition

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Excelente trabajo, love it, quiero uno

Is there a way to buy these?

I love this piece! Dorthy, an icon, updated and fun. The soft whimsical background is the perfect contrast in making the twist of a tatted Dorthy really pop! And even more, you brought out an expression of haunting beauty that captures another level of emotions. WOW!! Thank you

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