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Mary Ellen Johnson  Hartsville, SC

'Big Banana Split'
Oil on panel
'Sticky Bun'
Oil on panel

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About Mary Ellen

Mary Ellen Johnson is a realist oil painter best known for her paintings of food.

Johnson is intrigued by how the brain triggers hunger and likes the associations food is charged with nostalgia, comfort, and tradition, as well as imagery that is mundane and elevating it to art. She believes the manner and style of the work is driven by the imagery.

Throughout history, many artists have focused on food. But in typically modern delicacies, Johnson has found fresh shapes, colors, and textures, that were exciting to to her. ‘People started telling me that the paintings would make them hungry and that they craved the food,’ she says.

Her work has been exhibited nationwide.

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'South Carolina'

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"Terrific work !!!! I think Emnate is very jealous of such skill. :)"

"Tedious photo copying. The original photorealists were radical and often painterly. This is just an indication of how dull and conservative the movement has become."


"I'm a photographer; I HATE FOOD PHOTOGRAPHY! When I was I HATED food photography because it's so tedious. When I learned all the 'tricks' involved, I lost all 'respect' for images on restaurant menues. This type of image, on the other hand, is TRULY an EFFORT; a WORK of ART to be RESPECTED, ADMIRED; APPRECIATED!"


"yummino wait thats not real"


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