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Ramona R. Mitchell  Santa Fe, NM

'Great Transformation'
'Windy City'

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About Ramona R.

Ramona R. Mitchell received an MFA from University of Kassel, Kassel, Germany. Prior to that she studied in Athens, Georgia, and Cairo, Egypt.

Mitchell describes painting in philosophical terms as an intuitive journey on which one is always reconsidering the definitions of “truth” and authenticity. She has no interest in interpreting the visible world on behalf of the viewer, and hopes that the viewer will make his own associations for a unique experience.

Her work has been exhibited nationwide, most recently Muñoz Waxman Gallery jointly sponsored by New Mexico Committee of the National Museum of Women in the Arts and Center for Contemporary Arts.

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'New Mexico'


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"Love the work - beautiful deep interior space."

"Beauty, strength, skill...all displayed in abundance in these paintings"

"Fantastic work ! having a couple pcs. of your's, I can say that you give a depth to the subject matter that is rarely achieved by other Artists. Your 'Vision' is truly 3D and allows the Viewer to experience deeper realms. Looking forward to the postings on your website of your newest 12 pcs!"

"Just beautiful..... I hope maybe if I get back into my own painting it will be as beautiful as yours...."

"World class."

"The interweaving of edges, solid substance, color, and space all cooperating on a canvas. Calming. Great work."

"omg this artwork is the greatest i ever seen, i think one day ur work will go to the museuim of art, keep up the great art work"

"These are really nice paintings. I agree with Hv2go, they remind me of Mark Rothko's stained glass windows."

"the ultimate abstract love it will be purchasing my first piece since joining site."


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