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'Morning Light'

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About Max

Max Zorn is a street artist based in Amsterdam. His primary material is tape.

It was never uncommon to see colored tape on walls and streets, says Zorn. But more recently, it has been ‘conquering the streets’ as a new form of urban art.

In his case, the idea to create street art with tape instead of paint came from a friend working in car design. ‘These guys often use slim tapes to outline their ideas on large boards. I was surprised to see, how fast they could create stunning sketches with it,’ he says.

Tape as a street art material has the added benefits of being lightweight, easy to use, and relatively inauspicious. He got his start by decorating the old street lamps that are ubiquitous in Amsterdam. With their golden glow, they proved the perfect open gallery space for tape art experiments.

Over time and with practice, Zorn learned to apply more layers of brown translucent tape for greater impact and illusion of depth. It is a simple process of slapping tape on the lamps, he says. What’s more, it’s self-illuminating.

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"WOW. This is awesome. Never saw anything like it before."

"I like it, really."

"He's got a new making of video out of the NYC skyline, check it out:"

"really nice dynamism of the straight edges in an almost dancing counterpoint with the curved forms of the human subjects. powerful mood/emotion conveyed through an intriguing medium. kudos."

"Wow, this man and his paintings are amazing"


"This is amaxing! I love to see artists use unusual media. Before I read the little biography on the side, I thought this was paint."

"This is great!!! I love his work!!!!"

"Beautiful.. is Max Zorn any relation to the great artist of the last century -- I believe he was Swedish -- Anders Zorn?"

"Drizzly: Not on wood, on glass. They are kinda like transparencies. Excellent work for so SMALL, Max!"

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