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Matt Wisniewski  Brooklyn, NY

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About Matt

Matt Wisniewski was born in 1990 and lives in New York.

He creates digital collages by blending fashion and nature photographs together. The aim of his work is to create surreal images.

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"Superb. This is a basic formula " and I mean that in a good way " that really delivers. Strong stuff."

"every my friend loves it. of course I do."

"All art is self portraiture. Everyone may be able to take a picture and manipulate it on photoshop, but what the individual does with his/her camera is an individual expression. It cannot be duplicated in the exact same manner with the exact same feeling. I can copy your work, but it will never BE your work. Therefore, it is art, whether you like it or not."

"Nathan, I agree with you that because something might be easy to do, that is no reason why it should/could not be art(full). My opinion remains that art and photography is a hard one, not only because everyone can and does it (photography), but also because the modern day software takes out all the work and craftmanship! needed to make a photo. We have left the darkroom with all the chemicals and technical trickery way behind us."

"Keep Your mind Flowing -- Excellent !!!"


"These works are simply amazing! I love them so much! such a good idea and bueataful at the same time, they are masterpieces! combiding women with nature, perfect balence so you can tell the difference! LOVE THEM! Thank you Matt for bringing this new art into the world!"

"I consider myself a very open minded person, but frankly, I have no comment on these works since they leave me feeling literally blank. Would I go to see an Ah....I just realized what they remind me of.....overlays and cut-outs. Sorry, not much talent in my opinion."

"I like them. There is an ethereal quality that I am responding to for reasons that are not entirely clear to me. As an aside, I understand why someone may not like this work, but I strongly dislike it when people dismiss art because it is "easy to do". Who cares? It reminds me of my music industry days when I would hear certain bands dismissed out of hand based on degree of difficulty."

"very artistic as i look into it i can see the meanings...."

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