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Hsiao Ron Cheng  Taipei City, Taiwan

'Sticky Girl'
'Crocodile Is Eating My Sorrow'

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About Hsiao Ron

Hsiao Ron Cheng is an illustrator and painter based in Taipei.

Her creative practice is influenced by Surrealism and Medieval art. ‘I love the ways Medieval artists told stories are always fascinated me, and this work was inspired by many of them,’ she says.

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Great art! More please?


Her eyes are too big for her body....and why she holdin that gator?

Very nice

I think this work is beutiful. you can really feel the mood of these paintings are.

For some reason I find this somewhat revolting. It's not at all my taste but that's no definitive review! a kind of soft and creepy way, but beautiful.

Beautifully worked, but rather sad.

first one is creepy but i still love them both!

Gentle and cruel with a hint of Dali-ism. Intriguing!

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