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Tim Jarosz  Chicago, IL

'A North Avenue'
'The Rooftop #3'

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About Tim

Tim Jarosz is a professional photographer and designer based in Chicago. He creates cityscapes by collaging his photographs and digitally modifying their color and texture.

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"Tim,I purchased two pictures ... I was at Johns for breakfast and I saw your work and I absolutely thought your work was incredible. I went on your website and you are selling posters only. I would like to purchase possibly a third piece but not just posters or prints. I would like to purchase the ones similar to the ones I have seen at Johns. I purchased the color ones , my friend purchased one black and white."

"Beautful pics! Love it !!! It is truly a great idea & so nice to see!"

"great pictures. interesting composition and colors. love the stacking up of the buildings in picture #3."

"Terrific and downhome good."

"The artist's website held a trove of interesting, more developed work. His separate categories of photography and photography-based collage fed each other strongly, but both categories could stand on their own. Having visited Chicago countless times and lived there for a year, I especially appreciated the gritty reality of works on the themes born of that city's life -- dark, gritty and down-to-earth, but hopeful in ways that encouraged me. Good work, Mr. Jarosz. Keep sharing with the rest of us."

"I love these pictures. They are bright and stand out. I love the contrast in the bottom pictures. If you keep on making pictures like these I am sure you will go far."

"water towers and'mas a kid i would try and shoot de birds with my bb gun.never got one."

"love de water towers and da birds. as a kid i would try and shoot down the pidgeons from tha other roof daisy bb gun never hit a ting."

"Almost has a nostalgic feel to it. Love the distinct colors and mood."

"I love how colllages are like puzzles, everything has their place and you've fit the pieces together to form beautiful cityscapes. The forms and colors maintain chicago's character and make this midwestern girl want to fly home for a visit! As a graphic designer and photographer I prefer these aren't paintings, the ability see multiple parts as a whole and fit them together to tell a story is part of the intrigue. Opinions are opinions though and these would make amazing paintings"

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