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Joseph Phillips  Austin, TX

'Above the Reservior'
'Double-Wide Bunker with Paradise Package'

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About Joseph

Joseph Phillips received a BS in art and art history from Skidmore College in 2000.

His latest work is a series of mildly satirical utopias. In these imagined worlds he plays with the idea of land commodification. He paints each one delicately using gouache on paper.

The paintings depict prefabricated land units that could theoretically be dropped into place in affluent suburban sprawl. For his “counterfeit environments” Phillips uses a limited palette of subdued colors, not unlike images in a catalog.

His work has been exhibited nationwide and in has received numerous honors and nominations.

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9 reactions displayed

"Emerson House remniscient, for some reason.I like the palate and color tones, as well as the soft, simple sketch-like finish. Full of satirical intrigue. Nature lives on only in our commercialist society."Paradise Package"--Well said."

"Very nice, very original idea. The Jetsons would be proud."

"OMG, I love Josh Keyes!!!!!!!1!1!!"

"like that house stuff makes for more room"

"The Above the Reservoir piece reminds me of Worms: Open Warfare. I can picture my little Vikings team dropping heavy artillery on the enemy and digging their way through the scenery. :)"

"Yes, I'm totally into that."

"Sophisticated satire, well done."

"We sell bottled water. Why not the rest of nature? When profit becomes the motive, living is the means."

"wow i love this works of art and as an artist this is an inspiration, thanks!!!"

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