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Young-Deok Seo  Seoul, South Korea

'Anguish 2'

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About Young-Deok

Young-Deok Seo received a BFA in environmental sculpture from University of Seoul, South Korea, in 2010.

He makes metal sculptures using only bike chain components, comparing the standardization of modern life to the monotonous repetitive movement of the chain in its original function.

By repurposing the chain components in his work, he replaces its functionality as a machine part and gives it new vitality and life. ‘I use immobile and cold textured form of a body to express our true nature that turned from the human nature to a property,’ he says.

In 2009, Young-Deok received first place in National Undergraduate and Graduate Students Sculpture Competition. His work has been exhibited in Seoul.

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Ryan Roth

Art Director, Roth Management

"I'm looking forward to see what this young artist will create in the next 10, 20, 30 years. You can see a great talent, growing, learning in this young man. If I was to ask you how old you thought the artists was, if you did not already know, I expect your answer would be 45+ and I think his skill is very unrepresentative of his age, which is a wonderful thing."

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'South Korea'

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"I got what you mean , saved to bookmarks , quite decent site."

"I think these sculptures are masterpieces, right down to the choice of material. To me they say oppression and restriction of freedom of movement and thought. I think they're brilliant."

"I really appreciated your art and your use of chains in that figure closed in on himself. I am one of Jehovah's Witnesses and many many of my spiritual brothers in South Korea are in prison because they are not willing to pick up a gun and kill others, nor will they be allowed by the government to do alternative public service. So they are locked in horrible conditions in prison for their beliefs. It just makes me wonder as a society how much is stifled for each Korean person. I know North Korea is a hundred times more restricted. They're worse than the Nazi regime. Thanks for your thought-provoking art. Beautiful and unsettling."

"wow!!! how super creative to use the bike chains in all of his sculptures!!! i wonder if he recycles old used chains or if he purchases new ones for each work!! very cool!!! it would be really cool if he IS using recycled chains, but either way, i love his works!!!"

"Wow! Incredible sculptures. Each piece must have been very time consuming, not to mention expensive; bicycle chains aren't cheap."

"God, this makes me feel SO uncomfortable...and itchy, and tense...I can't bare to look at it without feeling looks like a bunch of maggots comprising this mass of face, or body....really weirds me out...but I like art that makes me completely uncomfortable"

"I personally think that this piece of art has to do with not only people following trends and connections with society. I think it more has to do with the body itself and the connection between the mind and the body. Most people think education is very important, but health is even more so, or even equally important. The image almost gives neglect to both of them connected together as a whole, where as most people think of them separately. The fact that the eyes are closed to me seems like the mind is more serene and the body is more almost worried or concerned. Overall I really enjoy it."

"The tension in the pieces are obvious"

"this makes me feel tangled up as a human. i realy like this peace."

"i agree with sylvia i think everyone is so worried about never "breaking the chain" of society and so we are living in fear of being heard it is time to start our own cycle and learn to break the chains, u are going placesgood luck"

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