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Christine Wong Yap  Oakland, CA

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About Christine Wong

Christine Wong Yap makes drawings, prints, sculptures, installations and papercuts around the themes of optimism and pessimism.

About : Dark into Light (top)

Dark into Light is an installation of lights, accompanied by a limited-edition artist’s book featuring a phosphorescent screenprinted cover.

About : Presents (bottom)

I see these (absent) presents as barometers of optimism or pessimism, like half glasses of water. This project is an exploration of art’s supposed ineffable quality.

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"ok, its a bit boring for me, but i can see how others would like it. its nice."

"I was going to write a detailed review, but I can't find the right words. Simply put, these pieces are intriguing and beautiful."

"I do not think the artist, herself, is explaining her work as much as thought. If the art piece depicted, the night lights, is influenced by the viewer(meaning the light changes with each viewer) I think this is evocative and progressive. I like the idea that art changes, manually, per viewer. Very -NOW."

"The ideas behind the art are compelling, as evidenced from the artist's explanation of her own work. I believe that she really has thought about the meaning of her atwork. However, I feel that the artist's pieces would not stand on their own quite as well without the long-winded explanations that the artist gives as to their meaning. I prefer art that speaks for itself."

"that piciture looks scary"

""Dark into Light" is the most significant work of art in this show. Its desirable values are use of electricity, extension cords for line drawing , meditation which is healthy, mutable yet static. It requires a participating viewer to be finished. I would encourage Christine Wong Yap to abandon her other work and follow "Dark into Light" and see where it leads."

""Dark into Light" is so transcendently better than anything else in the show for the following reasons.1. It uses electricity. A category that is underused but has been around since 1890s! Electricity is power and defines our culture.2. The piece uses commercially available mediums just as other artists use paint bought in a store. Her palette is electricity and night lights and extension cords.3. Light into Dark adamantly requires a viewer to activate and complete the piece. (This does not mean the piece is static. It is highly mutable.)4. The piece takes traditional meditation and translates it into contemporary experience. The piece is meditative which is healthy. East meets West equals globalism.6. It is a circle: primordial.7. The extension cords function as line drawing.8. The work of art appears static but is actually mutable: its shape changes.9. Dark into Light could be a marker in the timeflow of this artistic community. It is simply multiple times better than Christine's other work and the other artists' works.10. A person could live with this work in their house. That means the work is saleable and can be commodified.I would encourage you to drop any directions except those where the values of Light into Dark lead. Do exactly what the title says "follow the Light into the Dark.""

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