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Norbert Marszalek  Chicago, IL

'Triad Hotel Room'
'Totem Hotel Room'

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About Norbert

Norbert Marszalek received a BA from Northeastern Illinois University in 1985. He is currently based in Chicago and has for the last couple of years been working on a series of paintings called Hotel Room Paintings.

Important to the series is that hotel rooms are transitory dwellings—a place to call home for a day, a week or even many months, but always in a more detached way than a permanent dwelling. We use hotel rooms for numerous reasons well-known, but eventually we play out our scene and the stage is set for the next traveler.

His work has been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions across the United States, including the George Billis Gallery in Los Angeles, the Holter Art Museum in Montana, South Bend Regional Museum of Art in Indiana, and Bowery Gallery in New York City.

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"great work"

"Sophomoric romanticism of the so-called 'transient itinerant' lifestyle. I have lived in hotels & have been without my own place to live, there's nothing romantic about it. I wouldn't trade an ounce of my life I have now for what I "did not" have then.The painting technique & quality in a lot of the paintings are not as developed as I would think it should be considering that you studied art as far back as the 1980s, perhaps it is more based on a stylistic pretense. Decent enough though."

"I am very intrigued by your work. It kind of explains my life, alone in a world of my own craetion"

"good technique...what's the medium? can't wait to see the next series and what it says about the feelings of the artist. you do connect!"

"I love the talent of the artist in conveying his art ,at the same time the psychology of being. His work reminds me a bit of Edward Hoppers work."

"The talent and painting technique is excellent. Although,if it were in a gallery, I would walk right by it. The subject is really only appealing to the artist & model."

"As with this artist's work, those that paint what appears to be mundane so often have something to show, something to say, even if it is just visually leading us to question and remember things and people always looked at but not really seen. I appreciated the access to the artist's website and the works displayed there. It was interesting to see paintings of a simple, used tea bag and feel the object ennobled by it. Throughout the collection the paintings seem to be outward acts of an introverted view, acts that could say that just the act of painting is enough and is validating. To the artist: thank you, but be careful over time of falling into the mirror and becoming trapped in it."

"It Looks Like She's a Sick Dying Woman."

"It speaks to me & tells a story. The look in his eyes shows both yearning & fear. Does he want to be rejected again? She seeks her bliss in sleep."

"The guy looks like the coach of the New York Rangers and he just found out one of his players is a chick. Just sayin."

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