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Dmitri Cavander  San Francisco, CA

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About Dmitri

I have a terrible memory. But painting the places that mean something to me helps me remember them and understand them. And I’m reminded that the things about the places that I wanted to keep ‘ a beauty, a certain quietness and realness ‘ seemed so transient.

I like painting representationally, and I like realism (but it’s not interesting to me to simply faithfully record what’s in front of me). I grapple with the concerns that all realist painters share ‘ how to make space move and sit still and how to make someone believe that color is actually light on objects ‘ and I also have an insistent need that, at the end, in spite of everything, the paintings all show that they’re made of paint.

These are paintings of places apprehended: I know I want to paint the place when I sense I’ve stumbled onto beauty that seems transient. There’s a desire to take it, sieze it, as it has seized me. While the places may be different ‘ a parking lot, a dining room, a street corner ‘ the emotional chord is similar. I’m trying to paint that vibration, and each new painting is ultimately just a new angle or pathway into a similar emotional resonance. The task is as simple, and as complex, as coming to grips with the reality of things.

I hope I’ve hit the chord just loud enough so others hear it too.

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"Dmitri,I always feel like I've been to the places you paint. It's funny you talk about having a bad memory because I feel like a have a fantastic memory when I look at your paintings - they're like beautiful observations."

"Dmitri,i find your work, somehow, calming. i feel like i could reach out; the simplicity of your work makes it look complicated, a similar concept that i paint with. your work is truly intriguing."

"As a proud owner of several works by Mr. Cavander, I find myself staring at them on a daily basis and suddenly realizing one as an individual becomes part of his realism. His paintings are dramatic and powerfuI."

"Dmitri,I second Susanne. I have often wondered exactly how I can "grab and hold" those fleeting moments - your work is an inspiration, and it's also beautiful."

"Dmitri -Awesome work! And your new website is awesome, too. As a proud owner of a "Cavander," I can testify to the quality of materials used in your paintings and their ability to withstand the interests of toddlers. Also, your work just makes me smile.- Tim"

"These are really nice. I espically like how you have a personal connection to them. I have a terrible memory too. ;3"

"I love your statement and the paintings are realistic, simplistic, and emotional. very well done. i love it!"

"I am always thrilled to see a painter who clearly thinks seriously about composition, depth, color, shading, and content. Thank you for your positive contributions to the art world."

"Great work, a bit like Fairfield Porter, which is a really good thing."

"I really appreciate someone who approaches their art from such a straight forward vantage point. Your work certainly rings true. It's like trying to capture that feeling of someplace you love even when the things that make it so real for you are small things like how the dust lingers in the air. Very beautiful work!"

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