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Krista Huot  Montreal, QC, Canada


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About Krista

Krista Huot was raised in British Columbia, where she studied fine art and traditional animation.

Inspired by storybook illustration, folk art, animation and kitsch, her paintings explore the emotional relevance of archetypes in folklore. She began her practice painting in acrylic, but has since switched to solvent-free walnut oil paints.

Huot’s work has been exhibited in New York and across the west coast, at venues including Gallery 1988, Corey Helford Gallery, LA Municipal Art Gallery, and Compound Gallery.

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"its beautiful art"

"What are the stories behind these?"

"I love these!"

"Great technique, My four year old girl loves the topic therefore I love it too."

"flowing and charming. lovely work. thank you for sharing. 5 stars :)"

"Greensleeves and Leaves of Grass are pushing you up up upward out of the B.C. into timelessness.i love it .Animate it."

"I absolutely love this!!!!! I've never seen anything like it. I felt at peace just looking at. She has remarkable talent."

"Her use of color is fantastic! Could stare at it for hours and still find something new. Thank you for beautiful art."

"Although the use of the stylized eyes throughout the majority of her website's gallery gets "old" very quickly (and I think detracts from and juvenalizes the artist's obvious skills) this is adept and often sophisticated illustration work. There is very good storytelling done here with moments of deeper things."


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