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Guest curator: Danijela Krha  
Editor, Beautiful Bizarre magazine

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About Danijela

Danijela Krha is the creator of beautiful.bizarre magazine. Beautiful.bizarre is a quarterly boutique publication which showcases the work of prominent and upcoming contemporary artists, in all mediums including traditional, digital, sculpture and photography, providing them with a beautifully designed and published digital and print publication to promote their talent to both galleries and the wider community.

She created the magazine after many years being immersed in the art scene and creating and growing the largest Australian artists group on DeviantArt.

Danijela's selections

Brian Viveros

Riverside, CA


I adore his portrayal of the bold feminine. His characters have a ‘take no shit’ attitude, they are empowered and strong yet still beautifully feminine. The quintessential ‘femme fatale’, who can resist it?


Marco Mazzoni

Milan, Italy


The detail in Marco’s work is breathtaking, every piece is a visual feast. His subject of the empowered feminine of the past, who needs to hide her identify for fear of being persecuted, speaks to my soul.



Amsterdam, The Netherlands


I am enraptured by Handiedan’s collages, each piece is so beautifully complex it literally lures the viewer in, like an intricate puzzle.


Erik Jones

New York, NY


Erik’s work is the perfect balance of abstraction and figurative painting, its bold yet delicate. His dramatic use of colour is magnetic.


Saturno Butto

Venezia, Italy


Saturno’s technique is perfection, reminiscent of past masters yet his subject matter is modern, bold and often darkly sensual. He draws upon our hidden secret desires.


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