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Guest curator: David Kassan  
Brooklyn, NY artist

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About David

David Jon Kassan (born 1977 in Little Rock, Arkansas) is a contemporary American painter best known for his life-size realist portraits.

He received his B.F.A. in 1999 from the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY. He continued his studies at The National Academy, and the Art Students League of New York, both in Manhattan, and won awards for his paintings from the Portrait Society of America, the Art Students League of New York, the Society of Illustrators, and Communications Arts magazine. He has also won the Newington-Cropsy Foundation’s Travel Grant, which allowed him to travel, study and sketch in Italy in the summer of 2003. There he conducted sketch studies of various masterworks, which are source of inspiration to his own work.

Kassan currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York, and teaches painting classes and workshops at various institutions around the world.

David's selections

Nicolas Uribe

Bogota, Colombia


I've know Nicolas' work for a while now, we were both in college at the same time and we both in some shows together back then. I've been a huge fan since then, This guys work is fearless, check out some of the epic multi figure pieces that he has on his site, they are incredible tour de forces. Also in a number of his pieces, Nicolas seems to have painted the air around his figures. I would love to paint with him someday.


Sayaka Ganz

Fort Wayne, IN


I love these sculptures, talk about upcycling, They remind me a little of the horses of Deborah Butterfield, except more expressive. I love the movement and how they explode out of the walls! Really unique work!


Kris Kuksi

Lawrence, KS


Kris is another artist that I've gotten to know a little bit over the past couple of years, we usually will hang out a little down in Miami at the Art Miami basel craziness. His work always reminds me of some of religious relics from an alternate reality. His work is like a hundred little pieces and details all held together in a unifying tone.You could literally look at his work for hours and always find something new.


Shawn Barber

San Francisco, CA


I've also know Shawn for awhile, and have watched his work transform and evolve over the years. He is another fearless ballsy painter that will try anything to help him the ideas that are in his head out onto a canvas. He is also a huge inspiration in how awesome his work ethic is as well as how humble he is.


Lu Cong

Denver, CO


I don't know Lu personally, but I have seen his work for a while, I remember some early darker pieces of his that were amazing, and this newer work that he is doing is just as awesome, he really is evolving. Hie tones, values and edges are incredibly inspiring and all of his works are well orchestrated I'm super fortunate to see a lot of his work in person whenever I stop in on Gallery Henoch here in NYC. I'd love for him to have a solo exhibition there!


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