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Guest curator: Justin Giarla  Owner, White Walls Gallery

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About Justin

Seven years ago, Justin Giarla cut the ribbon on The Shooting Gallery in San Francisco. He has since witnessed a transformation of the neighborhood and even of the contemporary art market, keeping pace with the most cutting edge artists of our times. In the last seven years he has curated an exhibition for the 2009 Grammy Awards, co-curated Shepard Fairey’s ICA Boston exhibition, and even contributed works from his personal collection to Through Future Eyes at Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

In addition to the Shooting Gallery, Justin now also owns White Walls Gallery and Gallery 941, both in San Francisco.

Justin's selections


London, UK

"His work is unmistakable. His geisha-like women combine the beauty of traditional Eastern art with the bold immediacy of street art. Hush uses the aesthetic of heavily-layered collages of tags to build up beautiful patternwork like no one else."

Casey Gray

San Francisco, CA

"Casey Gray uses spray paint and hand-cut stencils to create compositions where graphic imagery and geometric patterns come together in a way that’s uniquely striking. Casey’s eye for color combinations brings his work to another level."

Greg Gossel

Minneapolis, MN

"I’ve worked with Greg for years and have never seen him make a piece that was less than excellent. Greg uses layers of weathered cultural ephemera in dense collages, involved in both process and content. Works of high-end luxury logos, pop icons, sensationalist headlines and beautiful models open up a dialogue on fame, wealth and the media."


Melbourne, Australia

"Meggs first showed as part of our exhibit of the top Australian street artists “Young and Free,” over at 941 Geary and then I invited him to do the solo show, “Truth in Myth,” at White Walls in July. Meggs’ works showcase his technical skill in bold and expressive compositions. Wherever you see his work, whether it’s in Australia, SF, Hong Kong, Hawaii, you know it’s going to be powerful."

Ferris Plock

San Francisco, CA

"Ferris’s work is inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e wood block prints with sparse wood-stained backgrounds and elaborately patterned characters, but with creatures and monsters from a world no one but Ferris could imagine. In his last solo show at Shooting Gallery, “Just For One Day,” he brought figures from cartoons and comics into his work and gave anew life to all these familiar faces of childhood, it was really great."

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