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Guest curator: Geoff Pitchford  Founder, Artistaday.com

Geoff's selections

Kumi Yamashita

New York, NY

"I know shadow art isn't necessarily new but after doing this site for 5 years, everyday, it's hard to blow me away with something. Kumi's work does this every time I look at it. To me it's the perfect example of how something so very simple can be so powerful."

Brian Dettmer

Atlanta, GA

"To me it's the perfect mix of creativity and technical ability. So many artists are masters of one or the other but Brian's work is amazing to me on so many levels. I get lost in his work and it provokes so much thought that he's got to be one of my favorites."

Wayne White

Los Angeles, CA

"Aside from the fact that Wayne helped to create Pee Wee's Playhouse, and I love that about him, I really admire how much fun he seems to be having with his work. Artist get caught up in being serious about their work and I find it really refreshing to see people like Wayne creating things that are beautiful, interesting and fun at the same time."

Josh Keyes

Portland, OR

"I've been following Josh's work for years and I really love that the longer you follow his body of work the more of a story it tells. His subject matter and skill are evolving with each series. Not only do I find his work to be beautiful on the surface, but it also carries with it a message and a story that I find compelling."

Jim Kazanjian

Portland, OR

"I love when a piece makes you instantly start to put a story together in your mind. Jim's work does that for me. One look at a photo and my mind starts to race thinking of the events that led to what I'm looking at. I've had two of his pieces for years and I still love the effect it has on me when I see it everyday."

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