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Olga Gouskova

Olga Gouskova was born in Russia, and raised in Belarus. She studied design at the Byelorussian Academy of Arts in Minsk until 1996, when she emigrated to Belgium. The subjects of her portraits are mysterious and often melancholic female figures. Gouskova uses various kinds of pens to add detail to her acrylic paintings.…

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What people are saying

"I draw pictures like this so much and i love seeing professionals draw them. does this remind anyone of amy pond out of doctor who?"

Girl in Grey

"I don't know what to say :0 !"


"You have a lovely style but would be interested in more themes and or content other than the female form. It is wonderful work but other subjects would make it even more interesting."


"the detail of the lace is amazing."


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Frieke Janssens