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Emil Alzamora

Emil Alzamora was born in 1975 in Lima, Peru. He was raised in Boca Grande, Florida, where he attended state university and graduated with a BFA magna cum laude in 1998. He started his sculpting career in 1998 in collaboration with Polich Art Works in Hudson Valley. Since his departure in…

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What people are saying

"I have enjoyed this work by Emil for a little while now, so when I saw the preview for the new American Horror story, the "coven" i was surprised when an almost identical image came on the screen.. ma"


"Amazing work my friend! Amazing First name also"

Emil Mency

"the first one looks so tragic. It looks as if in a state of exhaustion and loss. The second piece looks like the opposite, triumph. I may be so off but they are amazing pieces."




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Lee Price