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Rafa Torre  Madrid, Spain

'The tarot magician'

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About Rafa

Rafa Torre was born in Mexico City and studied painting, graphics design and photography in anticipation of a career as a surrealist landscape photographer.

Torre employs a range of mixed media to achieve his particular brand of ‘pop surrealism.’

His work has been exhibited in Europe.

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'The Sea'



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"The man sitting on the round, sphereical stone, reminds me of someones soul. I like how the horizon fills the picture and the frame is only showinfg a small part of that man. Art work like this is what I love to observe. The idea that everyone has a soul fasinates me. If anyone has the same views as I, please feel free to start up a conversation."

"very nice"

"MY SLIGHT CRITIQUEpic a; the earth sits contently secure at the mist of many waters.pic b; ascension of a human philosophy built on the relativity and polarity between the earth and the waters"

"Impressive use of colors! conngrats"

"Wonderful indeed! The light and treatment of Soliloquy is exceptional. Like a summer afternoon of years ago frozen in the mind."

"Like so many neo or "pop' surrealists this effort is technically competent but entirely soulless. It would command no more than a cursory glance in a gallery setting, it begs the question was Mr. Torre as bored "creating", it as I am looking at it?"

"I see so much of this " POP " surrealism and while some of the artists are technically good they or their output seem soulless. It is the type of painting/photography that would be given no more than a glance at an opening or a gallery. It makes me wonder if Mr Torre was as bored doing it as I am looking at it."

"the contrasts in essence of the objects represented have been noticed.of the colours too. and that's invitational... where would you find a woman with a hat, a belt, make-up, and tailored dress, not in the wilderness between mountains and grassland!the limpidity of the water is no less this the work of art in itself? the exquisite pristine landscape? or the space one occupies in this universe, space to breathe...."

"LOVE IT!!!!!"

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