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Adam Weir  Baltimore, MD

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About Adam

Adam Weir’s work explores ideas of displacement, consumption, and the environments in which we live.

Weir paints in order to better understand interactions between people, spaces, and things. On his paper canvas, recognizable imagery is often surrounded by vast expanses of negative space.

‘The placement of objects in unnatural or fantastic situations questions the reality of the world in which they reside,’ explains Weir.

His work has been exhibited in several group shows in the United States.

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"Looks a lot like Amy Casey's work"

"End of the World."

"second piece: survivor!"

"self destruction"

"The drawing with the brick structure really says somthing about how the artist may have been feeling at that time in life. It's a very clear message."

"this painting makes me feel lost or homesick. its an uncomfortable feeling, otherwise it reminds me of a setting in mario 64"

"Coool! I love that first one and that second one is actually humorous! :D Love these!"


"suite good artist"

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