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Elizabeth Winnel  Toronto, ON, Canada


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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth Winnel received a BFA from in illustration from Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia and currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

In her paintings she endeavors to make apparent the dichotomy of interior and exterior in relation to her self-image.

Winnel begins each painting with a layer of drips, splashes and bleeding, the ‘associative layer’ binding form and color for emotive effect. The second layer depicts herself in vulnerable and often erotic poses. The aim is not self-objectification, but reflection and analysis.

Her work has been exhibited in Savannah, Georgia, among others.

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"Hey everyone,Thanks for the comments! @ carsten, they are for sale. If there is anything you are interested in, send me an email again to all for commenting!All the best,Elizabeth Winnel"

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"Your sharing all photos very amazing and looking so beautiful, i love your all photos. Thanks for sharing."

"Sharp pieces with unique finishing. Very cool..."

"Absolutely amazing. I can't believe how gorgeous the colors are. The women are beautiful but you can only begin to imagine what is in their hearts. Kudos. Just gorgeous and moving. Completely heart felt. LOVE IT!! 10 stars!"

"Wow! I really enjoy looking at these 2 pictures. You can see the pain that both women are revealing. The color patterns portray such strong emotions."

"This more than catches the eye--it's beautiful but haunting and powerful."

"Tight and right but bold and painterly at the same time...hard to do"

""Yellow"? Yes, but I see Courage, ability to remain focused through the surrounding storm. The intensity of her facial expression is solid strength. Wonderful!"

"Very beautiful. I like the emotions the bold colors evoke. Very good."

"Beautiful portrait but the painting needs work it looks unfinished. So much detail in the features of the woman but the background is just haphazard."

"Wow! Awesome talent! Self portrait?The eyes are emotion at all. Purposefully, or .....? This painting has a tale to tell."

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