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Joshua Lynn  Savannah, GA

'Unidentified Object'

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About Joshua

Joshua Lynn received a BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in 2003, and is currently enrolled in the MFA degree at SCAD.

His work has been exhibited extensively in Savannah, Georgia, as well as in Chicago, Illinois. Lynn has won several awards and scholarships, including a 2011 Manhattan Studio Award.

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'Mountain Views'

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"ugh I am not good at posting on forums. (this is the message I tried to post) There are no hard feelings, but i need to respond because of the work plagiarism. These are two examples of paintings I made over a year ago and Allman a few years before that, but I was only recently introduced to his work. I have not directly referenced him or any other artists in the making of these or any other paintings.i along with several other artist implement the formal aesthetics of landscape, geometry, and of course color, which is not mine or anyone else's. If you believe his or other artists are better examples i might agree in more than one instance, but if I have plagiarized anyone it would be Buckminister Fuller and Ansel Adams. Thanks again everyone, espcially Geoff and Chris, this has been a fun and engaging experience."

"That last comment was mine… it should be obvious which one. Sorry, thanks."

"I admit my first comment was a bit over-the-top. I was watching a dog that was really annoying and wouldn't allow me much sleep, so I was in a negative state of mind when I left it. I understand every artist is influenced by other artists and part of the artistic process is using aspects of other's works, hopefully in new and interesting ways and no artist is entirely original. However, although I would have phrased it differently if I were I to leave the original comment now, I feel this work is overly derivative of my brother's and stand by the content of my statement if not the tone. While there are certainly differences in terms of scale, medium and perhaps concept, the visual reference is far too similar for this piece to seem worth existing. There is a difference between appropriating others images/ideas to create something new and interesting and plagiarizing another's work, which is how I feel about Josh' work. I do not believe this work adds anything new to the visual dialogue but simply rehashes steps that have already been taken. Josh, you are clearly a talented painter and in the process of developing your own style. I feel confident based on your portfolio that you will eventually arrive at something new and interesting, however I do not believe you are there yet and should make a greater effort to distinguish your work from those you are influenced by. I wish you great luck and apologize for my hyperbolic comment."

"Before you release into the world that something is a "total rip off" you should consider several things. First, artists are constantly appropriating and re-appropriating imagery and concepts. No one who is a professional, respectable artist (or whose concept is not that of appropriating ideas as the paramount focus of the work ie. Sherrie Levine) is ripping anybody off anymore in this Post-Postmodernist era - the imagery your brother uses has been handed down since Cezanne - thats A LOT OF RIPPING OFF, to put it in your terms, and simply NOT THE CASE. Also, technically, your brother works in acrylic on panel, not oil on canvas as this other artist does, and the scale of the work differs somewhat too. One is making images to be looked at and contemplated more along the lines of a photograph, or object (Allman) and the other is concerned with creating environments that can be stepped into and contemplated as virtual spaces to occupy with the mind (Lynn). The bottom line here is that it is quite uncool to slam someones work without details which come from reading into the work - your claims are biased and err on the side of sounding like an uneducated, unqualified critic."

"First, i want to thank Geoff for letting me apart of this site. It has been interesting and a lot of fun to be apart of. Also, thank you to everyone for your comments, supports, and critiques. Like any artist my work shares similarities with other artist, but i feel i need to make clear i in no way, shape, or form stole or "ripped off" Allman or any other artist. A friend showed me his work via facebook about a month ago and i find him and several other artist working from the same pool to be great and interesting and wish him and any other good artist continued success. Thanks again everyone."

"This reminds me of work my brother, Ricky Allman makes, probably because IT IS A TOTAL RIP OFF! I've seen work that looks similar to my brothers either because of a shared influences, or one having been influenced by the other, but this just feels like a rip off. For example, look at this piece he did in 2007"

"This guy looks like he was pretty influenced by"

"This is great, It has a look if Boris, ok older Boris. Thanks for posting it.David"

"Does anyone get the Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind feel with these paintings? Either that or Dark Side of the Moon!"

"its puesdo "pink floyd" like album cover..."

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