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Jane Castillo  Los Angeles, CA

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About Jane

My work throws a potent curve to the assumed identity of paper by transforming it into a virtual temple for contemplation of its role in our lives. I create forms and perceptions with the paper, building walls that cascade torn twirls and create still surfaces that move across the entire gallery. The static surfaces and locks of the paper are teeming with latent, almost sensual energy, the delicacy of their twists mirroring the curves and turns of life.

I love the process of transforming familiar materials and having them viewed in unfamiliar ways. I simultaneously pay homage to their essential nature while presenting them anew. I smooth, spread, tear, and meditate upon the paper, building it into larger than life compositions. The process is meditative, repetitive and contemplative. Paper becomes a multilayered force to be reckoned with.

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"when were they created?"

"Hairballs? I don't get it"

"i love this persons work its soooo creative!!!!!im glad i got this app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"These are so cool, I wish I was this artistic,<3"

"How does she come up with this stuff?"

"It is great to see the way your installations have evolved. You continue to work on a large scale, and clearly consider the relationship of the architectural space to the object. You are pushing the limits of how you work with your materials, your fiber."

"her stuff is really interesting and unique"

"Jane is just amazing.I saw one of her installations in NY, and it blew me away. Her style just lets your imagination run wild."

"I was lucky enough to see one of Jane's recent installations. Her work with paper is really beautiful. I look forward to seeing her continuing development as an artist."

"oh i meant to say simply amazingim sorry about that"

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