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Meg Hitchcock  Brooklyn, NY

'Gayatri Mantra'
'Gayatri Mantra (detail)'

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About Meg

Meg Hitchcock was born in Springfield, Vermont. She received a BFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1996. Prior to that she studied painting at the Cecil-Graves Studio in Florence, Italy.

Her Mantras & Meditations series is inspired by spiritual and religious dogmas. Each piece of text art is what Hitchcock calls ‘a visual mantra of devotion’—a continuous line of text forms the words and run-on sentences without spaces or punctuation.

By weaving together the sacred writings of diverse traditions, she aims to weave a tapestry of inspired writings that points beyond words to a greater human need for connection with the sacred.

Hitchcock worked as a drawing instructor at Sonoma State University in California before relocating to New York City in 2006. Her work has been exhibited across the state.

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"very cool!!! very detailed!!!"

"go0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0d :-bd"

"if you like this body of work ck out KENNETH COLE.....he is presently exhibited at monkitree gallery in gardiner maine. now his work DESERVES the above praise. ck out the difference. its all relative anyway....right!?!?1?"

"i cant believe this work of art is getting so much praise!?!?!? i mean its ok. "clever" "sacred"..... thats like comparing a crayola crayon to picassos paintbrush. its creepy!!!! i agree with laura too."

"This is really cool, it seems like you put a lot of work into this. It has a great flow to it.Keep up the good work!!"

"This is so wonderful! I absolutely LOVE this work!!! This is amazing! I LOVE the idea of making art out of sentences of sacred writing all running together w/o puncuation and making one lovely piece! Such a GREAT idea! I love this so much! This is really great! Two thumbs up!"

"thats soooooooo cool wow. LOVE IT!!!!!!! <3"


"So clever, inspiring and beautiful. Brilliant work. Thanks Meg!"

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