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Patrick Martinez  Los Angeles, CA

'Moms and pops'
'Hate and love'

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About Patrick

Patrick Martinez began drawing at a young age. He attended Pasadena High School Visual Arts, and in 2005 he received a BFA in fine arts and illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

Inspired by graffiti and hip hop culture, Martinez aims to cast a light on everyday objects and people from his immediate surroundings that are more often ignored or trivialized. ‘Vitality and rhythm are the essence and energy in my artwork,’ he explains.

His illustration career includes many sleeve designs for hip hop records both underground and mainstream, and his installations have been exhibited across California as well as in Toronto and Washington DC.

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Robert Standish

Los Angeles, CA artist

"Martinez's work has many elements that make it effective… witty and ironic social commentary, hustle and sophistication and a self respect that makes his diciplined talent flow without interuption. His piece The 1992 Los Angeles Riots” neon, plex and enamel paint 2012 is one of my favorite examples along with "real life still life", " I'm a fighter not a lover" and " I'm a lover not a fighter"."

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'Neon Glow'

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"Stay true to your message, disturbing yet enlightening as it can be, you have one and like the great usage of color in your paintings it is obvious and it is one that cannot be ignored or denied in light of the current status of the U.S.A."

"Very cool. I like how each peice is kind of an expression of the personality of the people shown. Super cool!"

"Very nice work."

"Hey! I believe that both of them REALLY open my eyes to what is going on outside our perfect little lives in Australia."

"I like the second one.."

"Very Nice"

"Love it! Great works."

"Timely. Disappearance of the middle class. Removal of the ladder between the two extremes."

"I'm thinking there's a message hidden somewhere in this work..."

"excellent representation of what's happening inAmerican culture today"

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