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Julia Barello  Las Cruces, NM

MRI film, steel
MRI film, steel

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About Julia

Julia Barello received an MFA from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1992.

Her large-scale installations are made up of recycled MRI and X-ray scans. From these discarded medical images, whose original purpose was to convey information about the human body, Barello cuts out organic shapes—leaves, birds, and flowers. The resulting wall installations consist of many layers of translucent color.

She is currently Associate Professor of Art at New Mexico State University.

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Christy Lee Rogers

Los Angeles, CA Artist

"Julia Barello’s re purposing of materials is inspiring. She takes recycled medical scan material and like an alchemist brings them to life. I love how materials used when a body is confined in an X-ray or MRI chamber, can be transformed into a piece highlighting freedom and movement. It reminds me of a beautiful fall day."

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"It tells me that there is no room for me on this earth"


"Very beautiful.....I realy liked the radiology films as piece of art"

"nice work"

"If artists were computers the space bar would pump out birds"

"I really do Like...exprime a good sens of Freedom...."

"This art work appeals to me. I would love to have in my home. This art work would dominate the room. That's what I like art to do when it is good. The room goes with the art."

"I can't even put into words how much I love this. I'm not a fan of birds, but art with black bird shapes always catch my eye and stand out to me. This is amazing. I have tons of MRI and x-ray prints in my house. Why didn't I think of this?! Lol."

"I love these!"

"This is aesthetically pleasing if not a little contemporaneously redundant with its use of birds, "Put a bird on it"...The idea of reclamation could fall into the trend category as well; but the truth is that the use of the MRI scans is a beautiful found material to work with in any case.Am I the only one who is bored by seeing images of birds in every gallery space?"

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