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Myrna Wacknov  Foster City, CA

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About Myrna

Myrna has a degree in Painting and Drawing from SFSU. Primarily she is a figurative and portrait painter working mostly in Watercolor, acrylic and collage. She also teaches workshops in watercolor portraiture.

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"Myrna, Love your portraits. Do I know you from the Peninsula Stitchery Guild? I think you were doing eye witness drawings then. What do you charge for commissioned portraits?Willie"

"wow!really amazing."

"i like the first picture because it captures the many ways a woman looks."

"Unexpectedly nice. Would like to see more work by the same artist."

"Finally an artist that looks into the soul of real people. I love it."

"your work is what art is all about Fantabulous!!!!!"

"WOW!!!! it's real!"

"I love these because they in a way remind me of Andy Warhol and his time era."

"Very inspiring and beautiful work"

"It's honest..."

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