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David MacDowell  Chesapeake, VA

* All images used with permission. Please do not distribute without first contacting the artist.

About David

David is a painter in the lowbrow/pop surrealism movement. He tells tongue-in-cheek tales of childhood fantasy, and our contemporary cultural nightmare.

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yo man they're pretty freaky, i can really dig it

WOW! I'd love to have an original one day! I love your work!

im impressed! definite skill and tallent i love the nightmarish depiction a true representation of how i feel about disney the alice in wounderland pics is truly fantastic the use of color is eye popping a great immaginative work

Your work is enchanting and transfixing. I love it and you have a gifted imagination!

I have to keep commenting about this design it's so different it could change my life if I was to praise it.I can't help but face the fact that this design is amazing;it's just like me listining to an angel or hummingbird. Either looking at the world as a cartoon movie.

You sure have a whole lot of talent and If I were you I would thank god for all the abilities he has given to me.I have never seen anybody's disney composure look as affectioning as yours."Wow"!

I don't usually make any comments..but this fine art really caught my eye and I had to make a comment;this design is sooooooo remarkable and just undeniably perfect.I can't believe someone could nurture something this bright and I have so much empathy for this designment.I have fell in love with and I have set it on my computer as a background.

WOW..You truly have SOMETHING SPECIAL...thank you for bieng original

Interesting....what's with the donuts exactly...
love the mad hatter/alice in wonderland one!

I love the scary/demented Disney theme. Very well done and intelligent.

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