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Michelle Muldrow  Cleveland, OH

'Reordering the Senses'

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About Michelle

Michelle Muldrow was born in 1968 and raised on Air Force bases across the United States. She studied the Corcoran School of Art in Washington DC during high school and received a BFA from the University of Minnesota.

Cathedrals of Desire explores repulsion and seduction at the American landscape. The series of paintings was inspired by Edmund Burke’s ideas on the sublime as related to terror.

Obtrusive massive structures such as box stores, with no aesthetic charm, symbolize American consumerism at its most naked, says Muldrow. The series is her response to the landscape she was raised in, obviating the contrast between the comforting and the profane.

In 2009 she received a Creative Workforce Fellowship Grant. Her work has been exhibited across the United States.

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"I find these works strangely moving, which is a little disturbing to me and makes me wonder whether frequenting Costco and Kohl's has created permanent changes in my brain structure. Beautiful work. And like any good consumer, I want one!"



"Definitely interested in your paint application, compositional peculiarity coupled with your connection with the contemporary sublime. Great to see you have grounded your ideas in Burke's terrifying sublime. Your theory translates effortlessly into practice."

"i love your work!"

"really like it"

"Amazing work of art! Beautiful!"


"To see the artist's work in the full series of each theme that she explores is the real key to finding her depth and an appreciation of her skills and insights. A tour through her website is an absolute must. The look through everything changed my opinion moderately favorable to an enthusiastic 4."

"Finally! Someone who really see our concumerism at its worst! The paintings are fantastic! Thank you!!!!!"

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