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Marco Zamora  Los Angeles, CA


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About Marco

Marco Zamora received a BFA from California Institute of the Arts in 2004. His work is inspired by the working class, the chaos of city life, and personal discomfort.

He uses photographic reference for the landscape in his paintings and afterwards improvises figures. The desired result is ‘a beautiful and complex tension between humankind and the urban landscape,’ he says.

Zamora currently lives and works in Los Angeles California. His work has been exhibited across the west coast and in Barcelona, Miami, and Copenhagen.

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"I love the use of color. its as if some things in a world full of gray and sadness, can still be happy and colorful. I love it!"

"[...] via Ericah on [...]"

"struggles of life that makes us stronger! captivating."

"I see people who are so enslaved to their "stuff" that they can't put it down. There are so many layers of stuff who could even remember what is at the very bottom of it all."

"I'd hang his paintings in a New York Minute !!"

"Love art makes the soul free..."

"This is trully something you do not get tired of looking at. I love it!"

"The thought comes to mind when I see this:Life is full of excess baggage all the time. We need to rid ourselves of it from time to time.Nice."

"I like this painting, kinda sad, lonely, but also like he is the painted version of our current life, burdened."

"Brillant way to piece life together.Home free, was the first thought in my head when I first saw one of these master pieces. Thank you for your vision!"

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