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Carlos Estevez  Havana, Cuba

'Los hilos del destino'
'Feminologia Practica'

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About Carlos

Carlos Estevez studied at Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, Cuba.

He describes his pieces are fragments, not finished products in formal harmony. Although, he adds, each one pretends to be a conclusion. Rather, they are oriented towards diversity with the connection of the unique source: The Creator, or the cognitive experience.

Encyclopedic reference books inform his work as metaphors of confinement of human knowledge in objects. He regards them as primary resource materials, alongside human history, from which he has acquired symbols and images to represent his ideas, and life itself.

Estevez has had residencies across North America. His work has been exhibited aross the United States and Cuba.

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"Quite different and it can hold the person looking at it without explanation"

"this is sorta creepy...but thats why i like it cuz it keeps the [iece of art really mysterious and umjnown ....this is almost more awesome than piccaso and leonardo da vincis art work 0o...!!!"

"I do say! This is a wonderful piece of art! I hope to see more like this old chap!:P"

"Has anyone else noticed that Carlos Estevez is Charlie Sheen's birth name?"

"This is an amazing piece of artwork.I think it resembles starting new,creating yourself,and who you are going to be.Can't wait to see more artwork from this painter."

"This reminds me of the renniasance era. The human body is an amazing thing to study! Imagine what we would still be trying to figure out if not for artrists like this one."

"absolutely love these! They have a sort of vintage feel. I love the little bottles each in a little square and the small items that look like dental tools in theirs. I love the top one with the colorful spools of thread and the really cool clocks. Love the combos of materials that are almost a bit odd, yet work so well together! Brillant work and very unique! Like the balance of one larger item and some small ones in proportion. Great work!"

"it's nice but not my style"

"I would almost go as far as saying it is artist with such technical skill is rare these days. Beautiful craftsmanship and as for the content, I get it. Interesting how many of the comments are just in the interests of the viewer's emotional very self-gratitudinous our society!!"

"aint that look cool"

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