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Alexandra Eldridge  Santa Fe, NM

'Her Pilgrim Soul'
'I wish you were here'

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About Alexandra

Alexandra Eldridge studied in various places across the world over the period of decades, from Cambridge University, in England, to Santa Fe Institute of Fine Art, in New Mexico, her current home.

In her practice, Eldridge aims to bring to light the inherent value in all things: ‘the extraordinary in the ordinary.’ She embraces contradictions, because she believes that painting should parallel the movement of the psyche. Reason has no place in art, she says.

Eldridge measures the success of work by how much it communicates the inner life of the artist. She defines beauty in spiritual terms, wishing to imbue in each painting a piece of ‘soul’ and the aim to find its counterpoint in another ‘soul.’

Her work has been exhibited across the United States.

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'New Mexico'


10 of 24 reactions displayed

"Excellant, dreamlike, alot to it and not just another woman's body, (can we get past that at some point, artists?????????????????????????????) Superb!"

"Really interesting pieces, I like them!"

"very dereamlike"

"i'm sorry, but I don't like this work at all. There is no sense of harmony or artistic talent."

"I LOVE IT! I see, Time slipping with all the countries paperwork, an elephant tusk highlighted for ivory and the limit of it's supply and the empty blurb with dripping, plots as the worlds ideas needing content and the drips because time is slipping. LOVE IT."

"WOW!! i don't know why but those r the cooooooooooolest i've seen ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! l.o.v.e them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;D"

"i dont know what it means but its got an elephnt so i like it"


"Very interesting work."


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