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Ross Bowns  Sacramento, CA


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About Ross

Ross Bowns was educated at California State University in Sacramento and Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where he received an MFA in Figurative Painting in 2009.

His paintings are inspired by vagueness and the deficiencies he finds in interpretations of our experiences. His work explores the fragmented nature of perception, in which there is an inherent incompleteness, and particularly that interplay between our internal conditions and the nature of perception that shapes all we encounter.

Bowns aims to capture in his work a conversation between event, perception, and condition. He focuses on ways in which perception obscures, distorts, excludes, and manufactures the details of our experiences. Most recently, he has chosen the human form as a medium through which to explore perception.

His work has been exhibited across the United States. In 2010 he won second place in the The Figure Now Exhibition at the FontBonne Fine Arts Gallery in St. Louis.

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"its not abstract,its only women"

"I find it amazing. I made me think about what beauty really is in this day and age of botox and constant plastic surgery, I love it. Thank you for making me think."

"At first I thought the first one was a tree. very interesting. The first one is definatly my favorite."

"At first it looked like a tarantula at firstglance...but then it beame an winged angel resting their head on their raised knees."

"Very nicely done! Thanks!"

"top painting is gorgeous!"

"I thought the first image was really cool. It looks like a human then its all distorted."

"I also liked the first one more than the second one, I like the abstractiveness of it. I would like to have it on my wall, but am sure I could not afford it. Beautiful work of art."

"I love this type of work, so full of emotion"

"Lot of movement in these pieces. Love the emotion I had from both images. Wish there was more contrast or more color. It seems to muted."

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