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David Orias  Santa Barbara, CA

'Golden Wave'
'Returning to the source'

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About David

David Orias has no formal education in art or photography. Instead, he honed his style and skills through experimentation and studying other photographers, often on the internet.

A self-proclaimed child of the digital age, Orias processes his images in Photoshop. He primarily adjusts their color, contrast and saturation, but “I am also beginning to understand layers,” he says.

The bold colors and painterly feel in many of my wave photographs are mostly the result of early morning light, camera motion and slow shutter speed exposures, in contrast to the more typical front-lit photos and fast shutter speeds seen in many surfing photographs.

Using long exposures, Orias captures an otherwise imperceptible color spectrum. He explains that, during wildfire season, the sunlight in Southern California can be refracted and scattered by smoke particles, creating an eerie orange morning light.

In 2010, one of his photographs received an honorable mention in PhotoRadar’s Picture of the Year competition.

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Shawn Frederick

Photographer and Director

"Personally knowing some of the most acclaimed landscape and oceanscape photographers of our generation, Davids work strikes me more as a personal conversation with the elements, opposed to merely taking a picture of the water. His choices of technical capacities and compositional characteristics are on par with some of the best!"

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"Hi David,Would you be willing to share your work and your story with middle school students in Oxnard, CA?The integration of art and the environment is an exciting way to engage students in learning and self discovery.Debby"

"Hi David, I would like to learn more about your work. I have an interior design client looking for the type of work you create. Where can I find info about your prices and sizes?Thank you, Eve"

"I have lived in N California, Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington State aroundthe oceans... You seem to capture that moment when those oceans are telling us to "Look" "see what we are all about"good going!!!"


"Love your waves, crests and wedges - beautiful images!"

"I find captivating to look at! (awesome)"

"Returning to the Source...Perfect!!"

"These are wonderful and would like to contact David about purchasing both of these anyone have any advice? Keep up the good work."

"what it would be like to have a world upside down... or heaven and earth as one color?..."

"These are stunning. Very detailed, loveee!"

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