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Lauren Fensterstock  Portland, ME

'Mound (detail)'

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About Lauren

Lauren Fensterstock received an MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2000, and a BFA from the Parsons School of Design three years earlier.

From 2005 to 2007 Fensterstock was a regular art critic for Art New England. Currently she is Interim Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art at Maine College of Art.

Her work has been exhibited widely across the United States, including recent shows at the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Craft and Design, and Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

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"It is powerful work- To see a random arrangement of natural objects, with that much landscape density in a monotone black is a visual thrill. Hope to see more of your wonderful constructions-( Peter Dudley, painter/ wood sculptor- Western Massachusetts)"

"First I do not feel that a three dimential work can really be appreciated in two dimentions. Yet, I find it absolutely fascinating. I like the composition, the mystery of it. What we see is a reflection of one's self. It is sure to be enlightening if one lets it. I could enjoy viewing this work of art for a very long time."

"Ugly Shyla - I was trying to be nice in my comment - but I must admit that you said exactly what I would have said (if I had the guts)!!! I am also an artist (mostly portraits) and much of the art I see here is not what I would call ART. People expressing themselves is not ALL considered art."

"I believe the second picture is just a close-up of the first image. If this is a statement of the damage that an oil spill can do to the landscape - it's a good one. If it's something else, then I don't understand it. Does it have a name? Is it part of a larger exhibit on the environment?"

"Since when has art been reduced to piling a pile of spray painted stuff bought from Hobby Lobby in the corner of a gallery called art?Did the artist make all of the things they used with their two hands.I'm a doll artist and I sculpt mini humans out of DIRT.I'm not saying I'm the worlds greatest artist or I do something special*primitive people have been making dolls out of dirt and cloth since the dawn of time but I see so many amazing artist out there who make amazing things from just pigments,clay,cloth ect in other words raw materials who are ignored while people who pile crap in the corner of a gallery are praised."


"I, too, am fascinated by landscapes and have had in my mind a long time making something like this, but with different materials. By using only one color, the landscape is distilled to its shapes and textures; much like in the use of a B&W photo.This gives a different view of the things you might otherwise consider common, and not notice. I love how it's piled in the corner. I didn't think about oil when I saw it, only the use of black as an element of simplification."

"yuk. has humankind really sunk to such levels of depravity? good work. irene"

"Wow, VERY cool!"

"intresting concept original good idea 9/10"

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