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Jacub Gagnon  Toronto, ON, Canada

'Striped Away'
'His Birden'

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About Jacub

Jacub Gagnon received a BFA in Drawing & Painting from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 2009.

Gagnon render minuscules forms with great accuracy. Using small brushes, he achieves a pencil-like quality on canvas that borders on Pop Surrealism.

In his String Theory series, which is loosely based on the scientific theory that everything is connected, animals interact with random objects.

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"very nice."

"Very "Alice In Wonderland"."

"I think both pictures are stunning. Very clever and well done."

"Very cool style, both seem somehow incomplete though. They leave the observer feeling hollow."

"I just love animals."

"great work jacob i knew you'd be a great artist"

"Sorry, but I'm not getting it. It's just not working for me. The second one is ok I guess. I guess this just isn't my style lol"

"That's so sad!"

"I love the theory that we are all connected! I also love the way that this issue has been conveyed by a young zebra and a bird. It awakens your imangination and leaves you wanting more! Thank you for this and for the beautiful way that you have portrayed this idea! Well done, thank you!"

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