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Shaun Ferguson  London, UK

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About Shaun

Shaun Ferguson received a BFA from University of Trent in Nottingham in 1985 and a postgraduate in painting from Royal Academy of Arts in 1988.

He is inspired by models in quiet, contemplative moods. Although conventional in composition, his portraits are instilled with a strong sense of energy and tension.

Ferguson’s work has been exhibited extensively across the UK and featured in numerous publications. It has been awarded the 1989 Henry Wyndham Prize and the 1988 Elizabeth Greenshields Award, among others.

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"Beautiful artwork. Wonderful control and portrayal. The mood speaks volumes beneath the quiet exterior. I love it."

"i can say that this is mind blowing and tough kind of drawing, actually playing with colors. both pics are stunning and kind of idle women"

"these are feelings that is at times experienced, the art in a miserable life...colors and deep shades of curves tend to be a big challenge in drawing up a face, but it looks realistic, photo perfect like, it show how you view your life with on boring day to day ....great work indeed!"

"Great technical ability"

"Quietly moving!"

"Who cares about what she's thinking. Your depth in color is great."

"It's pretty darn good, especially the reflection."

"i love the way the colors work with both the paintings and i hope that the pics don't reflect the way you feel and if they do i really hope that you become more happy. aside from the dreary, sad, and sorrowful tone i love the pics. They both have great color tones and i congrats on the attention to detail. i can see every hair that is noticeable. i enjoyed these works but please if you are depressed either brighten yourself up or if you can't please seek help. this is not mocking you just please i lost a relative to depression and do not want the same thing to happen to you.:P"

"lovin it. cool hand with the brush. honest and unblemished like Whistler whisk aside the mob"

"I've been where she is... beautiful portrayal of emotion."

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