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Robert Minervini  San Francisco, CA

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About Robert

Robert Minervini received a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2009, and a BFA from the Tyler School of Art in 2005.

While practiced in various media, including sculpture and installation, Minervini considers himself in the first place a painter. He describes it an intersection of nature and culture. It is primarily influenced by 19th century landscape painting and contemporary urban culture.

His work exhibited nationwide, and his murals can be found in San Francisco and Philadelphia. He has been awarded numerous fellowships and featured in New American Painting SF Gate, and Art Matters Magazine, among others.

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"Love the colors"


"Dear secretWhy should this artist do exactly what everyone else is doing. This work is a refreshing change and to me it depicts the urban sprawl ruining nature which is a huge problem in this country."

"love the color blend"

"Love his art works; what more can I say without becoming too literary about it and spoiling its sublime and transcendental qualities."

"Your colors are excellent! I like the combining of urban and nature. I like his technique. Thanks!"

"I don't know what number score to give this artist's work. On the one hand, his Public Art, in particular the spectacular, lovely and deeply inspiring "Dreams" wall for the MLK Jr. school plus the colorful and technically interesting "If These Walls Could Talk," both show creativity, facility and accomplishment. On the other hand, however, the full Paintings gallery and all of the Sculpture fall flat for me. I get their post-Apocalyptic vision, and even the enhancing of that vision by the other-worldly color palette and graffiti-based mindset; but it is that same color palette and what appears to be a dominance of sprayed-on look that fully washes out the potential look and effectiveness in my eyes. My compromise with the pendulum swing of work will be to give an overall score of 3; impressed on one hand, disappointed on the other."

"The one on the bottom looks like something out of LA. It has a very surreal edge to it. And the use of perspective is engaging. I like it :-)"

"To Secret- you obviously know very little about art and you missed the meaning completely. and of course, the whole point of being an artist is to strive for greatness."

"interesting- i like the way you mix in the architectural with the undeveloped landscape. Also, your trees in the second pic remind me of Klimt because the negative space makes the positive space possible and vis versa."

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