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Narangkar Glover  Oakland, CA

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About Narangkar

Narangkar Glover received a BFA degree with distinctions from California College of Arts and Crafts in 1999 and expects to complete her MFA at University of California in Berkeley this year.

In her work, Glover aims to address the difference between life lived by personal choice and a more coercive upbringing governed by religion. She paints without reference material, letting each painting emerge in a non-linear fashion true to the process of remembering.

Materiality and the act of painting by hand is integral to her process, says Glover, because substance can interpret ideas and visual expression through a proprioceptive outlet similar to muscle memory.

Her work is extensively exhibited in the Bay Area and across the United States.

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"I got impression that the painting symbolizeda coming together of individuals for a commongoal - the power of many. The empowerment ofthe individual thru a collective whole.Though, her art statement seems to say that she was commenting on the effects oforganized religion on individuals, especially women."

"She got her BFA in 1999 and is getting her MFA this year? Has she been in school all this time? Even if she hasn't what does a piece of paper saying she has a masters prove towards the art that she creates?"

"As a sideline rec basketball fan (3 boys, 1dh - all play) it seems to me that perhaps some mysterious force sucked the players away and all the moms are investigating. Otherwise why the court? I don't see the “life lived by personal choice and a more coercive upbringing governed by religion” in this at all. Although sometimes I do wonder if my boys consider basketball a religion!"

"interesting. to me the painting means a lot, people being shuffled like cattle towards some dark horizon, the horizon also shrinking in the distance, what is over the horizon, unknown but dark. The court can be interpreted as religion, ideology, even economics or materialism or capitalism..where will it lead us, does anybody know? I would like to have seen some non-comformists hanging by the side, for contrast, these are those who refused to follow like sheep to the slaughter that awaits there at the horizon, at the edge of the world...."

"He is very eloquent in saying nothing and doing hardly a thing,,, are you sure he's an artist and not a politician? It reminds me of a Century 21 Convention. Then the rivals appear. I don't care for the dehumanizing, career clones, "This is all I can do." mentality. SHEEPeople."

"Very beautiful stuff, even if the meaning behined it is a bit 'iffy'"

"Very fun and different! At first I wasn't sure, but actually really like them! I like the contrast of the darker backgrounds with the bright colors of the people."

"I really like these pieces. The humanity, color, and simplicity really do it for me. Very visually pleasing work."

"weird but very though!!! i like them!"

"It is very impressive. So deep meaning that I can't see nothing)"

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