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Drew Ernst  New York, NY

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About Drew

Drew Ernst attended Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia, the oldest art museum and school in the United States. There, he studied under accomplished artists such as Sidney Goldman, Peter Paone, and Bo Bartlett.

To learn the intricacies of the human form, Ernst also spent time at the Hannaman Medical School in Philadelphia, drawing cadavers.

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"I love these pictures so much I have to buy one just to put on my bog house wall"

"incredible....luv it!!! :X:X:X"

"It is ok i think"

"Very talented!"

"very apealing"

"Quite haunting work. I have been familiar with his art for several years. While I agree that these paintings are stunning for their technical acuity, I am often more taken by the isolation present in his images. The driving towards and pulling from connection-- the boldness of holding emptiness. It's rather fearless of the artist to be so vulnerable on canvas."

"this is better than previous classical artists of the human form!precision, art and scientific knowledge all combined to mistake one to believe that what what is before us is not a painting! trompe l'oeil? not exactly. perfect extraction and reproduction of the desired image. one more thing; light manipulation at its best!lovely!"

"painting almost lifelike, however emotionless and sad in every stroke."

"I can see the emphasis put on cadaver, lol. And that formaldehyde yellow used actually reminds of Philadelphia. Good show."

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