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Jennifer Zwick  Calgary, AB, Canada

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About Jennifer

These photographs are about the comical awkwardness of having a body. Simply put, our bodies are physically heavy, accidentally sexual objects – we have a gender, our bodies are sexual, there’s no escaping this; regardless of what we are doing we are doing it in a sexualized physical form. We can intellectualize ourselves, distancing our thoughts from our bodies, but the minute your foot gets itchy that disconnect is gone. As a woman, I am especially aware of my sexuality because people I don’t know point it out as they drive by in cars. It is strange; I am trapped in this specific body and related to in this specific body; I am hanging awkwardly here; it’s a blunt and hilarious thing, to be flesh.

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Ah ha ha ha. Sorry to leave a comment on a comment but the getting to the bottom of things just cracked me up. Oh, I like the photography, too.

I like these photos, because they both get to the bottom of things.

Awwwh--I delighted in being able to see your work! It is both humorous (I get the human body thing!)and at the same time strikes me in the center of my being, expressing something the woman/girl inside me didn't even know was being suppressed (again) until I saw your work. Thank YOU!

i LOOVE these, they are amazing!

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