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Paul Paiement  Long Beach, CA

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About Paul

Hybrids are a series of watercolor and egg tempera paintings based on psychological theories of visual perception. These pieces appear to be entomological studies of insects, but they actually explore perception’s effect on judgment. The paintings seek out the boundaries between what we believe to be factual and that which is fictitious.

My work addresses technology’s influence on society in two primary ways. I first consider the fusion of the organic and inorganic through the concept of cyborgs. Cyborgs are a hybrid of machine and organism created to enhance nature. Evidence of these sci-fi inventions exists in robotics, prosthetics, DNA testing, cloning, etc. Secondly, I choose to paint the subjects, rather than digitally render them to display distrust in our culture’s deification of technology.

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"Paul is a wonderful artist. A while ago I acquired some of Paul's work and live with it. It is art that is rewarding over the long run and we are lucky that he's creating such insightful paintings. I only look forward to more of Paul's work. Thumbs up from me."

"Natural media!?! WOW!!"

"Paul and his work offer that rare combination of complex intellect and true visual spark. In many ways, his paintings (and other work) just keeps on giving!"

"Paul's work is exceptional.Paul is with Heather Marx gallery:"

"Love it man !!!!!"

"Paiement's work is amazing! Does anyone know what gallery he's with?"

"I think Paul Paiement's art is unique and very cool."

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