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Robert Hardgrave  Seattle, WA

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About Robert

Manifested in richly hued layers and expressive line, the creatures and mercurial forms that inhabit Robert Hardgrave’s visions of reincarnation come to life in this emotional new series of paintings. Comprised of acrylics on canvas, panel and paper, ‘Xenoglossy” documents a deeply personal period in the artist’s life’soon after receiving a kidney transplant in 2003, Hardgrave learned that his new kidney had developed lymphoma that necessitated an arduous six-month course of chemotherapy. The remission of the cancer subsequently ushered in a new duality in Hardgrave’s life: relative good health and a reinvigorated approach to his work. Channeling themes of life, death, and the gray spaces between, Hardgrave’s organic, multi-layered paintings appear as though they’ve been summoned from an alternate mystical dimension. And while that notion may seem whimsical, the paintings in ‘Xenoglossy” are proof that Hardgrave’s transformative personal turmoil has awakened a profoundly new creative reservoir.

Robert has an exhibit running currently at the BLK/MRKT Gallery in Culver City, CA which runs through December 22nd.

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Josh Keyes

Portland, OR artist

"Hardgrave’s work elicits such a strong emotional presence, it reminds me of the feeling of awe and mystery I have when looking at tribal masks from Papua New Guinea. His work always feels like it is still in the process of becoming, slowly shifting and transforming right in front of your eyes, it breathes."

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"i am your biggist fan! i love your work the first ones my faveriote!!!!!!!! im dieng to know where you got your insparation"

"love the color patterns it is beautiful"

"Howdy Robert! Farmerbob's work is spectacular. These images are particularly twisted. His work is almost as amazing as he is. Fantastic."

"Farmerbob is one the best around!"

"I keep coming back to look at your work..."

"Chinese Culture is the Focal Point in today's society...Be aware, Be very aware...So capitalize on it!!!Very Good Work, HoweverNot innovative!!!"

"Woah... Much love to this art."

"there are current exhibition works here:"

"i love it. this work is really scrumptious, i can't think of a better word to describe it. just awesome though. i'm an oil painter, and this is the kind of work i would want hanging in my home to look at constantly."

"I get a kind of chinese feel from the blending of colors. Very organic. I like it a lot!"

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