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David Atkins  Dorset, UK

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About David

David Atkins attended some of Britain’s finest art schools including St. Martins School of art and Winchester School of Art.

The tradition of landscape painting is and always has been at the heart of Atkins’s drawing and paintings. Atkins works directly from the environment, often revisiting places many times and in ever changing weather and seasons.

His paintings have been inspired by his immediate surroundings as well as his travels. Visits to New York, Europe, and Ireland have resulted in a series of larger paintings that also aim to capture something of the essence of place.

Atkins has had many successful solo and group exhibitions all over the UK.

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"I love your colors."

"we were at Lulworth today ,and stood and watched you at work ,you had time to talk to us ,also you very kindly gave me a booklet with your paintings ,how has the painting turned out ?, I would just love to see it when it is finished ,thank you for being so kind ,hope to visit Dorchester and view your work .Dee Broadway (Mrs )"

"How is your painting of Charmouth Bay going? From your photographer on Friday !!"

"Its amazing how the strok of a btrush can capture something that took decades to accomplish"

"This the most awsome painting ever David."

"This is beautiful, the soft and suble use of color as Mary stated. It reminds me of being in Ireland, I remember trying to explain to people what it was like: the clouds were entities that shared my space, rather than being up/faraway in the sky. You captured that feeling so well... I am trying to teach myself how to paint, I know how hard this is to do! thank you for the beauty and your fine technique that is able to capture this."

"though he has an excellent sense of color, the warm colors in a cool painting are extraordinary, these paintings lack in technique. Nothing original about how the paint is applied. not my favorite."

"The interpretation of the sky is just wonderful. Vary moving."

"Fo me this work immediately evoked images of Duran, Bierstadt, Cole, even Homer oils. A subjective reaction; I felt wonderful."

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